Thursday, March 5, 2009

Marginalized Debate

The media has made a big to-do about the Rick Santelli "rant" on CNBC recently. The first thing that anyone needs to know about the media is that it is never intentionally meant to be informative or helpful in a way that affects their lives in a meaningful and positive way. What the media IS meant for is selling products and controlling information to serve the interests of those who run it. Any instance of the contrary is unintended or accidental. That said, let us all please avoid the fantasy that this "rant" we all witnessed was a moment of truth slipping through the cracks or that it was anything other than a staging point for controlled and marginalized debate. This particular type of propaganda always reminds me of a conflict one might have with someone who is completely wrong or crazy yet some incense-burning, age of Aquarius conscious wacka-doodle floats out of the woodworks and insists that "there are two sides to every story and the truth is somewhere in the middle". That type of Bazooka Joe wrapper psychology is not only useless in most of our daily lives but dangerous in areas of public policy and discourse given its context.

I'm not asserting that in many cases of conflict there aren't shared responsibilities for negative outcomes, because most of the time there are, but truth is truth either absolutely or not at all. The fnord message in this rant story is "Yes there were some greedy wall street speculators like Madoff who are to blame, but lazy and foolish Americans who instigated the housing crash are just as much to blame if not more, so let's find a happy medium, let's find the 'truth in the middle'. And oh by the way, the financial system itself is fine.".

So again it's bad players and not bad rules themselves that get the blame in our national “debates”. Never mind the Federal Reserve system and fractional reserve banking mechanisms that cause inflation and create boom/bust cycles, or bank and corporate insiders who egregiously mismanage their businesses then receive massive bailouts from public dollars and do it again and again. Maybe it's none of these institutions of systematic pillaging of the public wealth that have operated with no accountability for decades, maybe it's the few hundred million in bad mortgage loans that were issued in the last few years, or the next door neighbor who wanted that extra bathroom. I know, let's stand around the water cooler and debate these two false opposites and see if we can find a truthful happy medium, let's do that because we are sensible and because we are so well-informed.

Robert Ferguson

Monday, March 2, 2009

'Dark Era' Over

The Middle East/Central Asian invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan are most likely proceeding as originally planned in terms of the timeframe since their respective beginnings. As I've said, the main reason for a decline in violence in Iraq is that most people have simply fled the country for Iran or Syria. Syria has extended its refugee migration limits every year since 2005 with President Assad himself saying in 2007 that "Syria cannot turn a blind eye" to the severity and enormity of the humanitarian crisis. For their trouble they tolerate illegal US military activity inside their own borders on a regular basis including a missile strike in September 2008 which left dozens dead and at least that many injured including innocent civilians. This operation was conducted under the auspices of "the pursuit of terrorists", the usual end-all excuse for US military operations anywhere. Now that violence is within an "acceptable level", a new phase of long-term presence will begin and continue for the indefinite future through the legal constructs of the SOA (Status of Forces Agreement), which of course includes contracts for virtually exclusive US rights to oil reserves along with roughly 50,000 "non-combat" troops left in place for "security training" and "force protection". It’s important to note that included in the language of the SOA, which I would encourage anyone to read, is the right to escalate the level of troops and operations at anytime within the country if the “needs” or “security concerns” arise.

There was a recent article in the Washington Post which led with the headline: 'Dark era' Over in Iraq as Bars Reopen. This story included a mention of young Iraqi women who "Appeared to be prostitutes in tight pink outfits dancing around to pop music". The story continued by hubristically boasting the triumph of democracy found in the scene of US soldiers in uniform, rifles strapped around their shoulders, sipping beers and cavorting about with the young Iraqi woman and the male bar owners. The quote of the "dark era" being over was placed in the headline as though it was the commentary of the UN Secretary General himself, when in reality those words were taken from an interview of an international pop singer who performs at the club featured in the article. To the victors go the spoils of war I guess, but when realizing the true weight of losses that the Iraqi people have endured since the first gulf war, the immoral 10-year sanctions which starved and killed hundreds of thousands including mainly infants and children, the latest invasion and occupation which is coming up on its 6th year anniversary, it's clear to see that the state of existence in this ravaged country has reached the bottom of the barrel in terms of hardship and hopelessness.

It might be worth observing that even Genghis Khan employed a military code of non-fraternization with women of conquered lands and enforced it as strictly as he could as part of a policy, similar to that of Alexander the Great, which preferred vassal partnerships as opposed to direct and marshal rule. Even a barbarian from 13th century Mongolia had a better understanding of regional stability and human relations than our own experts at the Pentagon and on the Defense Policy Board. If you take away a man’s house, his livelihood and ability to attain it, then deny and/or greatly impede his ability to have children, he will become desperate and solely driven to resistance and non-cooperation. The simple translation is that, given the assertions of policy by the great hero of “Hope” and “Change” and his administration, we will have never-ending violence and deaths for the Iraqi people and US military personnel. If the ‘Dark Era’ has ended, then we have now entered an historic black hole of civilization.

Robert Ferguson

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bailout Reality

In this latest central bank caused bust phase of our economy, we've seen the usual fascist/communist federal government bailout which subsidizes huge corporate losses. This time, and since October 2008, the amount has already reached the two trillion dollar mark. But for whom are these bailouts issued and for what purpose? The answer is simple and concomitantly two-fold. One, the bailouts were for corporate and bank insiders and two, the general population is once again purposely left out. This sustains the continuity of the debt-based, fiat money economy scam that has plagued and impoverished human civilization for over two hundred years and keeps the masses too weak to revolt against it. If, as all the "experts" on the media networks say, our economy is consumer-based, then why not issue trillions of dollars worth of bailouts to the American people themselves? Why not issue that same amount of money for cancelling out the entire mortgage debt of every American family which has it? The dollar amount and inflationary market reaction of the currency would be the same. The answer is that the corrupt system must be maintained by our banker rulers while the rest of us must stay weak, poor, and disengaged from public policy.

Robert Ferguson